Software Development and End-to-end high quality testing
to deliver high customer satisfaction.

Customer centred engagement models focused on
building long term partnerships.

Outsourcing model

Team augmentation


Scale up or scale down your teams without the hassle of worrying about recruiting, hiring, training and other administrative expenses that come with full-time employees or disbanding once the services are no longer required.

Control as you have direct management of how temporary hires integrate in your organization and how they collaborate with your team.

Faster and easier integration of the external engineers with your internal team as compared to fully externalization to a vendor which might come with deeply seated cultural biases or differences in values and vision.

Quickly fill in-house skill gaps with outside talent. The augmentation model will save you money by reducing general overhead costs and the associated expenditures that come with hiring and training new employees.

Project Outsourcing


We provide both the team and the plan to reach the agreed deliverables. We take on the end-to-end program management and delivery on behalf of the client.

We have accountability for an entire testing project or program from start to finish.

You are paying for a specific, prearranged outcome while sharing the burden of risk with us.

Pricing model

Fixed Price

Suitable for
  • Small, short term projects (up to 100 hrs)
  • Clearly defined scope of work
  • All requirements are specified beforehand
  • Rigid timelines
  • One time needs
  • Fixed budget

Time and Material

Recommended for
  • Medium - Long term projects
  • Uncertain scope of work
  • Requirements are flexible and not fully defined from start to end
  • Flexible timeframes
  • Flexible budget
  • Clients pay for the hours spent on the testing/ hourly rates
  • Time & task based services
  • Great flexibility

Dedicated Team

Best for
  • Medium - Long term projects
  • Engineer/s become part of your team
  • Team works exclusively on your project/s
  • Participation in all work rituals
  • The team has a full understanding of all project features
  • The client manages the hired team
  • The scope of work is undefined and unclear
  • The requirements change frequently
  • Perfect model for clients who develop a complex product



It is our preferred and recommended methodology due to a faster and better tailored capacity to respond to complex and vaguely defined project requirements.

The methodology facilitates a fluid communication among various stakeholders (Developers, Testers, Product Owners, etc.), correcting the product issues sooner rather than later leading to a faster market release of a more qualitative product/service.


Given its long history, the methodology has matured standards, processes and tools. Deliverables after each phase, templates, review checklists, etc. are easily available.

There is also a large body of knowledge about the project phases. It is suitable in the highly regulated sectors in the situations when the project requirements are clear, well defined and all the expectations are straightforward from the very beginning.