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The new financial technology is here to shape the present and reimagine the future of financial business. From bitcoin and crowdfunding to peer-to-peer lending and robo-advisors, Fintech, for short, is disrupting the financial services industry rendering obsolete old business models while propelling to the top new financial models and leaders.

We vouched for the quality of a UK Trading platform entrusted with millions dollar financial decisions by ensuring that all possible outcomes were properly accounted for and tested using both manual and automated testing methods.

By using both functional and non-functional testing, such as exploratory, smoke & sanity, performance, integrity, end-to-end testing, our team is ensuring that our US Fintech credit card company provides a dependable and reliable product to its customers.



Our society was revolutionized and continues to be greatly shaped by the advancements made in technology products and services such as satellites, mobile phones, fiber optics, switching devices and networks, teleconferencing equipment, and computers connectivity devices. The recent global developments emphasized the importance of being connected while being forced to socially distance.

Our team has experience testing for major telecom providers across Europe and the US market.


Retail and Consumer Goods

Our QA team ensured the data integrity of a large CRM used to efficiently centralize information in order to enhance sales across the US market.

Our QA Team guaranteed the reliability, precision, and ease of use for multiple B2B booking platforms used in the US, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates markets.


Health Care

Through the centuries humans have always actively used tools to drive progress and improve the quality of life. Wearable technology is our century's tool to harness the power of technology, software and hardware, to improve the life of millions.

We tested the quality of a wearable device, used across the US market, to improve the human experience by leveraging bodys’ own natural processes. As a result, the US client is now embarking on the development of its 2nd-generation consumer product.

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