Independent software testing services

Our strategy is to eliminate costly mistakes and to create user experiences
that stand out from the thousands.

5 Reasons to choose
Independent Software Testing with us!



Laser focussed Quality expertise. Quality assurance is the core of our team, our engineers have years of experience and knowledge with a variety of projects, tools, methods and types of software testing.

Instead of adding a large headcount with the afferent expenses, you are adding expertise as per project demand.



By externalizing the testing to an independent QA professional you enhance the integrity and impartiality of the testing process, significantly controlling for the human error biases and improving your clients’ user experience with your products and services.

Your code will be seen with fresh, unbiased, and impartial eyes, trained to find all possible errors and glitches in the system, rather than being tempted to fill in the gaps and see it as a perfect product.



In professional as well as in personal life, mistakes and errors come at a price. Life teaches us that we either pay the price upfront, such as hiring an expert QA team that will detect the errors and enhance the user experience, or we will pay the price of discovering them later on, directly by the clients, upon adversely impacting their user experience with your products/services which usually translates in loss of trust, reputation, and revenue.

The price tag associated with outsourcing QA services reflects the time and effort invested in your project saving your company the other financial and non-financial extra expenditure such as the cost of the employee overall package, payroll taxes, expensive devices, tools, training, office space, equipment, management.

The cost-saving grows exponentially when using a nearshore QA team hence allowing you to maintain your overall project budget in line with your forecast.



Extend your team to get through crunch times or engage us on an ongoing basis to ensure that you meet critical deadlines. You have the option of accessing our testing services as per your demand and suspend them at any time without any overheard risks, once your project/product is safely released you are free of the expenses.



We ensure fast-speed enhanced testing coverage and high quality by combining: expertise, a high degree of automation, test reusability with an unwavering commitment to our mutual success.

Driven by quality

We are a pure-play testing company with the mission to provide top quality, timely, user-centred,
and affordable digital experiences for our clients.

Our market Differentiators

End-to-End testing Detailed reports & agreed KPIs Support for discovering defect’s root cause
Fast quality results Automation for repeateable tests Reduced project cost and time to market
Test strategy consultancy Transparency and stable partnership


Best-in-class QA software services - our team uses a well-defined, highly reliable testing process to reduce your project cost and time to market while ensuring high customer satisfaction.

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Customer-centered engagement models focused on building long term partnerships, based on

  • Outsourcing Level
  • Pricing Model
  • Methodology
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